• Aimé

    The Story of Aimé

    Aimé Pacode was born in 1996 in Bissiga, a village located 12 kilometers from Ziniaré. Aimé has been with A Better Life Foundation since 2005, when he was enrolled in first grade. Currently, he attends the eighth grade at the Collège d’Enseignement Général (CEG) in Bissiga.

    His father, Tiga Pacode, is a farmer and his mother, Joséfine Nassa, is a housewife. His father is physically handicapped. The family eats one meal a day, usually at night. They live in a compound of huts, and must carry firewood and water a great distance.

    Aimé is the oldest of five children on his father’s side. His two brothers and two sisters have not had the chance to attend school. Aimé has had to repeat two grades in the course of his studies, but he remains determined to stay in school and to graduate. He understands the importance of education, and says that he hopes to become a teacher of French one day.

  • CEB de Boudry III

    The Story of CEB de Boudry III

    Agée de douze (12) ans, l’élève Compaoré Raïssa est issue d’une famille polygame dont le père a deux épouses. Elle a toujours été première de sa classe parmi une quarantaine d’élèves du CM1. Elle a obtenue 8,10 /10 comme moyenne générale. Calme, disciplinée, respectueuse, elle n’hésite pas à faire reprendre les communications qui souvent l’échappaient par le maître de la classe.

    Après les cours, elle sollicitait le soutien de ses camarades et des maîtres de l’école pour mieux comprendre. Certains passages mal assimilés malgré son handicap auditif. Son handicap ne lui a jamais permis de rester à la maison pour des raisons de santé. Elle a un seul rêve qu’elle aime partager avec ses camarades de classe : ″ bien travailler pour réussir sa vie et aider sa famille démunie. ″
    Raïssa serait très heureuse, si elle avait un soutien de diverses natures pour lui permettre de bien poursuivre ses études sans grands soucis. Raïssa est un modèle pour l’école de Koankin.

    Les parents souhaitent une longue vie à ABLF pour tous les efforts consentis pour l’épanouissement de leur fille car ils avaient permis l’espoir et ne voulaient pas qu’elle fréquente l’école de peur de gaspiller des moyens alors que la famille éprouve des difficultés à satisfaire les besoins fondamentaux que sont l’alimentation, la santé et les effets d’habillement.

  • Céline

    The Story of Céline

    Céline P. Sitbzouda was born in 1995, and lives in the province of Ziniaré. Her father, Emmanuel Sitbzouda, has cerebral palsy. Her mother, Christine Wena, is a housewife. Her family lives in a small village. Céline has been supported by A Better Life Foundation since she was seven years old. Given that her school results were not satisfactory, she was unhappy, and chose to learn a profession instead. The Foundation helped her training as a seamstress. She is now in her third year of her apprenticeship. She says that she is happy with her work, and as a result of her success she is able to help her family. They are, unlike many poor families in Burkina Faso, able to afford more than one meal a day.

    Céline is the last of four paternal siblings. In addition to Céline, her older brother was sponsored and supported by A Better Life Foundation. He did well in school, went on to study at college, and now works as a senior agricultural technician in the province of Zoundweogo. At present, thanks to the way in which Celine and her brother have made the most of Foundation support, their family’s conditions continue to improve. Céline says that she would like to use her skill to become a fashion designer one day.

  • Denise

    The Story of Denise

    Denise Sawadogo is 17 years old. Her father, Alassane Sawadogo, is a farmer. He is a polygamist with two wives. Her mother, Elisa Ilboudo, is a housewife. Denise suffers from a facial malformation called cleft lip and also has a problem with her left eye. Her parents are from the Ivory Coast and she lives with her grandmother in the village of Guiè. For a long time Denise was shunned by her family and marginalized in their village because she had a cleft lip. She is the fourth of nine children on her father’s side and the first of five on her mother’s side. Her family lives in a building constructed from scavenged metal sheets and wooden boxes.

    Thanks to A Better Life Foundation, Denise received an operation to correct her cleft lip in 2011. All the expenses surrounding the operation, including travel and recuperative care, were paid for by the Foundation. Since her surgery, Denise has been integrated into the family and the village. Given her age at the time of the operation, Denise could not have caught up on the many years she missed when an outcast. She decided to learn a craft and become self-supporting, and with the Foundation’s help she began to learn how to sew. She was enrolled in a trade school, where she lives in a dormitory. A Better Life Foundation pays all of the costs associated with her training and her everyday needs. Denise says that she is very happy to have the opportunity to learn a profession, to be useful, and to be able to look forward to a life of self-sufficiency.

  • Florence

    The Story of Florence

    Florence Kiemde lives in the small village of Lagdwenba. She is enrolled in the fourth grade at Lycée Bassy in Ziniaré. Her father Jean Kiemde is a farmer and her mother, Rosalie Kombassere, is a housewife. Her father is physically handicapped. The family lives in a tow room hut constructed of metal sheets with a roof of straw. . The family only eats one meal a day.

    Florence has been with A Better Life Foundation since 2006. Florence is the second of four children, but the only one to attend school.

    Florence dreams of becoming an engineer.

  • Josiane

    The Story of Josiane

    Josiane W. Tiendrebeogo was born 22nd October 1995 in Ziniaré. Her father, Jean Baptiste Tiendrebeogo, is a farmer and her mother, Léonie Birba, is a housewife. Léonie is physically handicapped.

    Josiane is the third of seven children, and is the only one to attend school. She was first sponsored by A Better Life Foundation in the first grade. But she found it difficult to advance. She eventually left school without graduating. After a conversation with A Better Life staff workers, Josiane chose to go into professional training as a seamstress, the costs of which were underwritten by the Foundation. Currently, she is in her third year of sewing. She is diligent and does not hide her pleasure in being able to learn a skilled trade.

    The family’s living conditions are precarious; like many very poor families in Burkina Faso, they subsist on just one meal a day. In addition to pursuing her training as a seamstress, Josiane helps her mother with household chores. Her dream, she says, is to one day open a fashion workshop where she can employ young girls, giving them a chance to escape the poverty that has made her life, before ABLF, so difficult.

  • Mahamadi

    The Story of Mahamadi

    Mahamadi Kagambèga is a boy born 1st September 1997 in Ziniaré. He attends eighth grade at Lycée Bassy. He is the sixth of seven children and lives with his parents in the province of Ziniaré. His father, Salam Kagambega, is a farmer and his mother, Alizèta Konsimbo, is a housewife. His father is blind. The family eats only one meal per day.

    Mahamadi has been with A Better Life Foundation since 2008. Amongst his seven siblings, he is the only one to attend school. Since being with A Better Life, he has not had to repeat classes. He works hard in school as he wants to become a professor one day. For him, school has changed his life very positively. All this, he owes to A Better Life. He dreams of becoming a math professor and loves football, music and entertainment.

  • Raïssa

    The Story of Raïssa

    Raïssa Dakissaga was born in 2001. She attends the 6th grade at the Lycée Municiapal de l’Amitié in Ziniaré. She has been supported by A Better Life Foundation since 2007. On her mother’s side, Raïssa is the fifth of seven children. She has three brothers and four sisters.

    Her father’s name is François Dakissaga and he is a seasonal worker. Her mother, housewife Francelin Pacotogo, is physically handicapped.

    Raïssa lives with her parents in one of a compound of houses made from a rough assortment of scrounged building materials. Her family eats one meal a day. Raïssa loves school, works hard, and says that she wants to become a doctor one day.

  • Romaric

    The Story of Romaric

    Romaric Dipama is a boy born the 8th of April 2000 in Guiloungou in the municipality of Ziniaré. He attends class CM1. His father, Janvier Dipama is a father and his mother, Brigitte Konsimbo, is a housewife. Romaric is the second of three children on his father’s side, and has one sister and one brother.

    Romaric does not live with his parents. He was handed to his visually impaired grandmother to assist her in her daily tasks. Sharing a hut with his grandmother, he receives only one meal a day.

    Romaric has repeated the classes CP2 and CM1. Because of this, he has had several visits from A Better Life to ensure he puts more effort into school. He loves football and music and later dreams of becoming a nurse.