School fees average approximately $100 per child per year. In addition, we pay for uniforms, school supplies, books and any additional items that a child requires.

Further, we provide basic health care for the child as well as necessities like eyeglasses for poor vision and tricycles for those with mobility issues.

We monitor each child’s academic progress monthly throughout the school year as well as provide counseling to address any domestic concerns.

We do all of that for only $130 per child per year. In the 2016/2017 school year, we are supporting 455 children in primary and secondary school, 20 in high school and 30 in apprenticeship.  Many of them have been in the program for multiple years. Without the program, they would be unable to attend school.

Children who go to school, and stay in school, are far more likely to be able to support themselves and to contribute to the economic well-being of their communities, which means in turn that their communities will require less aid. The larger the percentage of secondary school graduates, the more stable and resilient their societies become. Educating the children of poor disabled parents helps to lift the entire family out of poverty. And giving disabled children the opportunity to acquire an education and become self-sufficient proves to society at large that the disabled can be full participants in their communities.

So for less than $130 per child per year, we are having an impact that radiates far beyond individual lives, improving families, communities, and a country.

Won’t you join us in creating change?

We welcome all donations. Even a dollar can help.